Friday, 10 August 2012

Archaeologists at work in Ancient Greece

Excavations in Athens have uncovered the remains of an Ancient Greek dwelling. Archaeologists have found pottery dating back thousands of years and they have been using the decorations on these pots to find out about life in Ancient Greece. The pottery was in broken pieces and all the fragments had to be carefully matched. Archaeologists then studied the pots carefully and tried to work out what the pictures showed. 

Archaeologists Shanae and Ryan carefully match the broken fragments.

Archaeologist Jackson is right... the picture shows a baby on a potty (which is also a highchair!)
Archaeologist Emma tries to decide whether this pot shows Olympic runners or men fighting or dancing.
The archaeologists try to decide whether this pot shows a horse race or men going to war on horseback.
Archaeologists Lauren and Luke puzzle over this pot that has missing pieces.

Archaeologists Blake and James decide that this pot shows two men wrestling.

At first the archaeologists think this picture shows a slave being punished.

The fragments of pottery that were found
Archaeologists at the excavation site

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