Thursday, 20 June 2013


I have a hat it has diamonds on it and I have one with Halswell school on. But the one that my dad chose has a dog with star glasses saying how do you do. My Mum brought me a really really cool hat. It says ROXY. The writing is black and the sparkles are white and the hat is pink. I just hate the one that my brother chose. It is a flat cap. It is blue with Donald Duck on it. Thank gosh he didn't buy it. My Aunty brought me one that said my family is a millonaire and my grandad brought an Xfactor hat and it came with a free band. He also  brought me one that says get a hair cut and a real job. My Nanna brought me a Willowbank hat that came with free Willowbank tickets. This isn't true but it could be! from Bailey. Bye!

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